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CEO Europe is the only international executive recruitment and interim management agency that offers this unique combination of executive talent and investment potential. A portion of the continously growing manager pool with 9000 top executive profiles worldwide are part of the exclusive iCEO Business Investor Group.

Managers from this group of business investors are looking for a new challenge to which they can bring their expererience and knowledge while at the same time taking a real stake in the company through a personal investment.

The combination of executiverecruitment and personal business investment is highly successful as the personal investment increases the identification of the manager with the company and hence the motivation to succeed fast.

Today, CEO Europe counts over 1000 certified iCEO business investors with an average personal investment target of 399 000 Euros, cumulating a total investment potential of 400 Million Euros. Have a look at the Top Executive Search Engine profiles of our exclusive list of iCEO Business Investors.
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Management on Demand

There are a large nuber of factors that can influence, and often it is only with hindinsight that one knows what the best approach would have been. CEO Europe's international executive recruitment solution Management on Demand combines Interim Management with permanent executive recruitment to simplify this decision for you and to give you maximum flexibility when recruiting your next top executive. Furthemore it provides a unique pool of iCEO Business Investors for companies that are in need of executive talent along with suplementary funding. A manager pool of more than 12000 top executives in over 170 countries, an experienced team of executive recruitment professionals.

Interim Management or permanent executive recruitment?

There are various factors that can influence the choice of the right executive. Several companies offer international executive recruitment solutions.

If top executive recruitment or interim management is your choice, an international executive recruitment agency provides the service you are looking for.

CEO Europe provides interim management with it's unique concept of Management on Demand.

There is the possibility to choose from temporary or permanent executive recruitment. An initial interim management contract can be turned into a permanent executive recruitment. During the interim management phase all administrative issues relating to the placement of the interim manager will be taken care of.

First Steps to Interim Management

Contact the recruitment agency and tell them your needs regarding executive recruitment. Further details of the interim management assignment or the permanent position will be defined together to find the right interim manager.

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